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AirLumba Pro

AirLumba's product range has evolved significantly, originating as an in-vehicle back health care device. Utilizing wind mass technology, a medical innovation from the United States, the Faculty of Medicine and AirLumba engineering teams collaborated to integrate post-health care with innovative solutions applicable to daily life.

This technology not only ensures correct ergonomic sitting positions but also promotes spinal and back muscle relaxation, contributing to sustainable back health.

AirLumba prioritizes quality, adhering to global automotive standards. Flame retardant materials, meeting safety criteria, are employed, free from volatile substances harmful to health and the environment (S0C 11 items). These materials are resistant to temperatures ranging from -20 to 80 degrees and have passed industry-standard Thermal Shock tests. AirLumba products are certified to ISO9002, IATF16949, and ISO14001, attaining Green Industry Level 3, guaranteeing premium quality, safety, and absence of harmful substances.

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