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AirLumba's products 

Globally recognized, Award-winning designs

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Adaptive Back Support

Because each of us's back bodies are different. Each car seat may not be able to support our body perfectly.


 AirLumba, therefore, invented the Airlumba Togo, a popular item that will help adjust your back shape throughout the journey. Helps you relax and take care of your health after sitting in the car for a long time.


Good Design Award

Good Design Award (G Mark)


is a well-known Japanese design award. by public benefit organizations Japan Design Promotion Association To support quality products both domestically and internationally.


In 2016, AirLumba Togo was shortlisted for the award. Winner of Good Design Award 2016 in the field of Transportation equipment and facilities.


Design Excellence Award

Design Excellence Award (DEmark)


It is a quality guarantee award for outstanding products, the most famous designs in Thailand. by the Department of International Trade Promotion, The Ministry of Commerce (DITP) arranges selections in 7 branches every year.


To support quality products to the world market. And in 2016, AirLumba Togo was awarded DEmark 2016 in the Industrial category.

Design Concept

The best products are those that are designed specifically for each person. When ordinary car seats can't fit every part The curves of the back can fit everyone.


AirLumba ToGo combines the understanding of the nature of the human back. to products that were invented to fill the gaps Between the back and the car seat uses Air Motion Technology to distribute the weight between the spine and back muscles. safe design for use in the car Makes sitting in the car feel more comfortable and healthier after.


Patented Technology

Air Motion Technology in the AirLumba ToGo combines the concept of ergonomic sitting and sitting. Movements change the spinal posture properly and appropriately. by relying on the wind mass to support every concave curve And adjusting the back according to ergonomics On the road, the body may move quickly from sudden acceleration or braking.


The air mass in the AirLumba ToGo transforms its shape. to fit in with every movement in a timely manner, Unlike other back support plates that use solid material The product is patented in the United States and others


Creativity / Innovation

AirLumba is the world's first brand to bring medical technology to automotive standards. We are committed to designing products that are tested for quality. safety of use ​ Help to change the behavior to create a sitting habit. that meet the needs of good living.


To allow people in society to take care of their health after a variety of sitting postures in daily life


Univesal Design

On  AirLumba ToGo products There will be a Waistline Tag to help you install the product. To suit users of different heights in order to get the most benefit in health care after

Stimulus to the User’s Creative Thinking

AirLumba ToGo revolutionizes the idea that users Sitting on a soft, seemingly comfortable seat can be really uncomfortable for your back health without proper back movement. especially when sitting for a long time in a car with limited space and difficult to change posture


AirLumba ToGo users will be able to experience and understand how to sit back comfortably in the car and be able to apply back movement movements while sitting for long periods in other places.

Therefore, the first period of use Some people may be unfamiliar. But when used regularly The body will learn, remember, and change sitting behaviors for good health in the long run.


Cultural Values

Thai massage is a treatment and health care that has been recognized and reputed in many countries around the world.


AirLumba ToGo has brought the basics of health care to be applied with Modern medical technology has designed the functionality of the product with an emphasis on simplicity and safety in the use of the driver and passenger in the car.


The design of products used in automobiles has to consider the benefits to consumers and durability and safety in use as the main, but it must be beautiful in accordance with the design of the car as well. 


AirLumba ToGo has been designed with color and curvature proportions. Compatible with a variety of car seats, including installation to attach to the car seat to avoid clutter in use. by providing comfort Maximum and ergonomic curvature of the back.

TOGO 1-01.png


AirLumba ToGo is made of quality materials that meet international automotive standards, free from toxic substances for human health and the environment. 


AirLumba ToGo is produced in a facility certified Green Industry Project Level 3 (Green System) by the Ministry of Industry and GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit. the Federal Republic of Germany) and has accreditation of the quality system. ISO14001:2004

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Enlight - ENG

Adaptive Seating

AirLumba Enlight was designed by experts. Guaranteed by DEmark 2019, Best Design Award.


Made from premium quality materials, the same standard as the car interior. With features that are compact, lightweight, easy to clean, so you can easily carry and sit in different places.


Dynamic Seating Concept

When we are in the “sitting position”, no matter where we sit If we sit still for a while, our body will signal us to "move" to change our posture. when we move to change the posture after We will feel more relaxed. That's because… moving your body is just as important as sitting in the right position. This move we call the “Dynamic Seating Concept”.

AirLumba Enlight is designed with the principle of “Ergonomic Seating Concept” which can put us in the right position. more ergonomically The latter is straight in the form of an S- Shape Curve.


I Got Your Back

AirLumba Enlight helps distribute weight. Reduce pressure on the intervertebral discs in the coccyx and lower back with “Air Mass Technology” or “Air Motion Technology” to strengthen the gap between the body and the surface. Stimulates the balance of the body by moving and distributing the weight.


When you move according to the movement of the air masses The internal organs will be relaxed from the pressure. and resulting in the circulatory system working efficiently So you can spend more time in each activity.

Highest Quality

Because we care about quality


Our products are manufactured with quality materials, flame retardants, free from chemicals that are harmful to health. and the environment.


A standard production process in the automotive industry ensures durability with a lifespan of 3-5 years


Can be easily cleaned by rolling dust, drying in the sun, or using a cleaning spray or alcohol spray to kill germs as needed.


Your Best Friend

Because we want to be with you anytime, anywhere. We, therefore, design the product to be compact.


With a diameter of only 30 cm, lightweight and designed to support a weight of up to 120 kg, easy to carry, saving space. Wherever you go, you can always take the AirLumba Enlight with you.

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