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adaptive seating

designed for
office travel outdoor meditdtion


The right solution to the problem


Bad sitting posture

A poor posture puts unhealthy tension on your

spine making it feel fatigued more quickly.

Sitting still

The human body is not designed to be in a fixed posture over a long period or performing a repetitive task.


Ergonomic design

A proper posture helps your spine form a healthy ’S’ curve creating a strong structure and reducing unhealthy  tensions

Dynamic / Adaptive design

Continuous spinal motion relaxed you back prevent stiffness, so you can sit longer more comfortably


Sitting in a proper posture (ergonomic seating) alone just isn't enough, because no mater how good the posture is, your back gets stiffened up when sitting for a long period of time.
In fact, almost any posture that your back is in, if it stays still for a while, it surely will hurt.
And what do you do when your back hurts? You probably already know the real answer...
"you move", because moving is our natural mechanism to take care of the problem.
The patented Air Motion Technology® not only ergonomically corrects your sitting posture, but also dynamically and adaptively adjust the support to the weight-load on your spine, back muscle, and bottom to naturally help them maintain and improve their health / performance.

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